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Pests can bug the hell out of you

That’s where Jacka Bros Pest Control comes to the rescue

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What can we do
to help you?

We offer a full range of home pest control and commercial pest control services.

Yes, we can look after a variety of pest problems, but that’s not the reason people turn to us. We’re a little different to other pest control outfits and in a good way.

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We’ve been in the business of quality and eco-friendly pest control for years.

We’re proud to be a trusted name in the field with the knowledge and experience to look after your pest control problem and offer the best in expert advice. We could go on and on about how we are the top team in pest control, why we are the pest control experts you can trust and blah, blah, blah.

The bottom line is we know what we’re doing and you’ll always know why we’re doing it.

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No ordinary pest
control team

There are some pretty ordinary and even slightly dodgy operators who claim to know the best ways to control pests.

With Jacka Bros Pest Control looking after you, there’s none of those highly toxic chemicals splashed and sprayed all over and around your place. None of that giving you the run around about when they’re coming and no proper explanation of what they’re going to do. We don’t need to get your head around confusing industry jargon either. You won’t hear things like: ‘reticulation system’, ‘spray adjuvant’, ‘deflocculating agent’ – we explain things to you in everyday language and are more than happy to answer your queries.

There’s no such thing as a silly question. Feel free to ask us anything you’re not sure about. That way, you know what is happening and why.
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Pest Control that makes sense and won’t cost you big dollars

Whether you need home pest control for your place or a new build, commercial pest control for the workplace, in schools, cafés and restaurants – you name it - we can tame it.

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Remember, what you won’t get is pushy sales staff, all talk and no action or heavy chemicals, unnecessary treatments and a whopping bill at the end of it all.

At Jacka Bros Pest Control, you get a fully licensed team that knows all about pests, how to explain the problem and how to get rid of it.
You can say goodbye to your troubles with:






Bees & Wasps


Fleas & Ticks

Bed Bugs

with guidance on a complete
bed bug treatment

Possums and dead animal removal

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We’re proud to be Green Accredited installers and HACCP certified Pest Controllers (which is a key point for any food handling clients).

Our down to earth approach means you always know where you stand and what’s happening at every step of the process. Forget those rats who try to pull a shifty on what they’re really doing and then sting you for the favour. That is not the way we do business. Open, honest and straight talking – that’s the Jacka Bros Pest Control team for you. That’s why we’re around – it’s for you and your peace of mind. Whether it’s residential or commercial pest control – we’re ready to help.

When we’re on the job, you’ll know your pest control is in the best of hands.

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What our customers say about us

5 red stars in a line
Very reliable and answered all my questions. They know what they’re doing
Harry M – Werribee
5 red stars in a line
A real ‘can do’ attitude, effective solutions and lovely service
Susie G – Anglesea
5 red stars in a line
Jacka Bros Pest Control get a solid five star rating from me!
Rita – Point Lonsdale

Sick of those pests bugging you?

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