Bird Control

Bird Control

Bird Control

Birds can be pests that are hard to deal with – you need professional bird control Jacka Bros Pest Control is your trusted team

There’s no need to have your home turn into a nesting ground for pests. With the right bird control methods in place, your place can be the peaceful oasis you always wanted it to be. That’s where Jacka Bros Pest Control has the answers to your problems.

Are birds causing you to fly off the handle?

It’s natural to have birds around your place and garden. It’s just as natural to become annoyed and aggravated when your home is invaded with noisy, pesky troublemakers.

With special bird proofing measures and methods, those winged menaces can be properly controlled. After all, it’s your private sanctuary that should be a pest-free home to enjoy.

Why professional bird control is worth it

Controlling birds around your home is more important than you might think. While some birds may be beautiful to see and hear, there are dangers that could have you singing a different tune. A variety of birds bring a variety of problems, such as;

  • Diseases which can be spread to humans and pets (there’s more than 60!)
  • Droppings (especially from pigeons) which can contaminate soil and cause infections
  • Damage to your roof, guttering and eaves
  • Stripping material from around your home to make nests
You may also have to deal with constant bird noises that can ruin your chance of enjoying some peace and quiet, make it almost impossible to concentrate, interrupt your rest and slowly wear you out.

There are also the issues of soiled garden furniture, clothes on the line, windows and spoutings which are not just unsightly, but often can be a harmful to your health.

How do you control bird pests?

There are a number of questions that come up when you hear about problems with birds.

  1. Can you control them?
  2. Is there bird proofing for roofs and solar panels?
  3. Do bird spikes work?

Bird proofing is an effective method of keeping birds from causing problems in and around your home and preventing them from doing untold damage. Your solar panels can be badly affected by birds and their droppings. That is a major investment that is not performing as well as it could. Birds can also wreak havoc with skylights and block vents and downpipes. If you have a problem with birds as a pest, you will know how difficult it can be to live with and the truth is, you don’t need to.

Professional bird control efforts bring dividends

Some people try to tackle bird control around their home themselves. It nearly always ends in disappointment and can be a waste of valuable time and money. With experts on the job, you will see real rewards. Using the right methods and tools can get your bird problem under control now and prevent it from coming back to haunt you later. With the correct use of bird spikes, you can say goodbye to the annoyance of pigeons and other birds that make a habit of invading your place. With Jacka Bros Pest Control on your side, you’ll always know what they will do to fix your bird control problem and check on the progress to ensure the best results.

Getting on top of your bird problems

It’s important to know that all pest control problems – including birds – need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Once birds and other pests get into the habit of making your home their home, you can have a small problem that quickly grows into a major issue. With Jacka Bros Pest Control working with you, there’s no way things will get out of hand. You have the trusted professionals who can look after your bird problem in a variety of strategic methods. From the best in bird proofing your roof, solar panels and skylights to installing quality bird spikes that protect birds and humans in the most humane way.

Your pest control professionals are here

Whether it’s for the professional control of birds, eradicating mice and rats, ants, cockroaches, spiders or fleas, ticks and termites – you name the pest and you can have the best specialists to deal with the problem. Jacka Bros Pest Control are the only team you need to know.

We take you through everything we do so you always know what’s going on. We can make a full inspection and give you a detailed report on the problem and prevent the chance of a pest control issue even starting.

It’s because we know exactly what we’re doing that you’ll know you’re in the best of hands.

Give us a call and fix that pest problem now.

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