Mosquitoes suck! – don’t even invite them to your place Jacka Bros Pest Control can help

Kicking back at home and in your garden is a wonderful thing. There’s one word that can destroy your chance to relax and enjoy it - Mosquitoes. Is there anything more annoying than being attacked and bitten by mosquitoes? That’s where proper mosquito pest control can make all the difference. You can keep those little buggers from spoiling your life with the right mosquito treatment for home and garden.

Why are Mosquitoes such a pest?

Mosquitoes use their noses to “bite” people and pets to suck blood which they need to lay their eggs. There are more than 300 species of mosquitoes found in Australia, but just one mosquito can cause you more than enough grief. While the incredibly itchy and annoying bites are one thing, mosquitoes are a pesky pest that can spread disease such as the Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus. Enjoying a BBQ at your place, having a quiet drink in your garden or just sitting outside with a cuppa can all head south once mozzies turn up. Getting your mosquito pest control sorted out now can mean you enjoying the best of each tomorrow.

Jacka Bros Pest Control can make your mozzie worries history. This is where you’re probably asking:
  • Is mosquito pest control safe?
  • Will the treatment be eco-friendly or mean using highly toxic chemicals?
  • Are there other things I can do to help cut down the mosquito numbers?
  • What tips can I get on the best way to deal with the problem?
To get the best advice and outdoor mosquito treatment that is tailored to your home, get Jacka Bros Pest Control on the job.

Hello Jacka Bros and goodbye pesky mosquitoes

While they are often ranked the most annoying pest, mosquito control is easy once you have the professional team at Jacka Bros Pest Control working for you. Every home and garden is different, that’s why we come to you and give your place a thorough inspection.

The keys to successful mosquito pest control are:
  1. Locating where they are coming from
  2. Keeping them out of your house and garden
  3. Eliminating their hiding spots

We show you the full What, Where and Why of the mosquito pest control treatment so you’ll always know what’s happening. A special mist treatment targets where the mosquitoes love to hide and breed. And – No! – Our mosquito treatment for homes won’t be harmful to your plants, your pets or your family. You won’t have to stay away all day either. You can usually be enjoying your place again within 2 hours after the treatment. While the treatment deals with your mosquito issue, it’s also highly effective against other pests such as midges, ticks and fleas. Forget the problems of toxic and poisonous treatments. We use the lowest pesticide with a strong ongoing repellent quality. You’ll only wish you talked to us sooner.

The trusted pest control professionals

Every pest control program needs your involvement.

Finding out where those pesky buggers are resting and nesting is just the start. Cleaning up your yard, trimming heavy foliage and removing any items or areas that hold water will all help reduce the chances of mosquitoes making a home at your place. We offer you the best in expert advice on the important things you can do to stay on top of your mosquito pest control. One thing we don’t do is charge you for treatments you don’t need. That’s why Jacka Bros Pest Control are the team you can rely on.

We know what we’re doing and you’ll always know you’re in the best of hands. Whenever you need the best in mosquito pest control, we’re ready to help.

Give us a buzz and get rid of those pesky pests pronto.

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