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Schools and educational facilities have to be pest-free. Jacka Bros Pest Control have the skills and experience to ensure your world of learning is protected from the damage and danger of unwanted pests.

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Education & Schools

Education & Schools

Schools, Kindergartens, Early Learning and Child Care Centres need to ensure a safe environment at all times.

That’s where and why pest control for schools and other educational facilities is important. Make sure your school campus or premises are protected with the best in pest control. There’s a long list of pests that can seriously impact the health, safety and reputation of your institution. That’s why you need a professional pest control team with the know-how to protect you premises with the latest pest control methods. Jacka Bros Pest Control give you that peace of mind while making sure that the highest level of safety standards and pest control management procedures are followed.

We’re the experts you can rely on to do the job right. Whether it’s rodents, rats or mice control in schools, preventing ant or termite infestation, the menace of cockroaches or dealing with almost every other pest you can think of – we’re here for you.

The trusted name to protect your reputation

There are strict rules and regulations when it comes to any educational institution. This includes how schools and learning facilities manage the issue of pest control. Pests must be properly managed to prevent the occurrence or injury, disease and any damage to property or disruption to teaching and sporting activities should be minimised. The spread of any pest must be stopped before it enters into the surrounding environment and community. That’s why a team with the expertise to determine what the pest control problem is, how far it has progressed and how best to deal with it is invaluable. That’s exactly what you get when you have Jacka Bros Pest Control on your side.

You’ll always have complete peace of mind by knowing what is needed, what steps are being taken and being updated on the progress throughout the pest control process.

Learn from a trusted partner

We’re proud to go the extra yards as experienced pest control professionals.

Whether it’s dealing with the seriousness of termites in a property, the issue of rats and mice control in schools, even wasps and bees, cockroaches and ant infestation, Jacka Bros Pest Control are the team you can rely on. Having true professionals with both experience and expertise means you can be sure you’re in the safest of hands. The damage caused by a variety of pests can result in heavy repair costs and a plague of other problems in the process such as rescheduling timetables, closing some facilities and the complication of any pest control treatment. Because young children through to adolescents are more vulnerable to the toxicity that can be found in pesticides, any pest control treatments and methods must be undertaken with the utmost care.

Don’t trust just any team with such a specialised task. Talk to our team of experts at Jacka Bros Pest Control and you’ll know you have the best in the business working with you.

Detection and protection go hand in hand

Before there is any major issue, it makes sense to have the pest control experts make a thorough inspection of your entire premises to safeguard you, your students and staff from the threats that come with pests.

Pest control for schools, Kindergartens, Early Learning Centres needs to be done with precision and planning. We have the knowledge and experience to work out how best to minimise the impact on the running of your facility and anyone in attendance. By early detection of any pest control problem, you can protect your premises from the matter getting out of hand. With the expertise of Jacka Bros Pest Control working with you, any pest control problem is stopped dead often before it has even started.

The only name you need to know in pest control

We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of quality services in pest control for schools and other learning institutions. You don’t need to second guess what is happening or whether things are being looked after properly. With Jacka Bros Pest Control looking after you, there’s no stress, no hidden agenda and just an open and honest approach in everything we do. Forget the worry of things going wrong or being charged for treatments and procedures you don’t even need. We are completely upfront about any pest control problem you might have and exactly how we are going to deal with it. It’s a great thing to know you have a pest control team you can rely on for doing work of the highest order and we’re the experts who are easy to deal with.

We know what we’re doing and you can be sure you’re in the very best of hands.  

Give us a call and prevent any pest problem before it starts.

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