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Your restaurant, café or takeaway is your livelihood. Pests have no business being near your food business. Get any pest problem sorted out with help from Jacka Bros Pest Control and stay safe from pests.

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Restaurants & Fast Food

Restaurants & Fast Food

When it comes to café and restaurant pest control companies, you want to best of the best in controlling any pests.

Whether it’s a quality pest inspection if you have signs of an existing problem or you want to make sure you have the right pest control for restaurants on your side, Jacka Bros Pest Control is here for you. Any eatery, from a restaurant, café, takeaway or fast food outlet needs to be fully protected from pests. That’s something only true professionals can be trusted to do. It’s your livelihood that’s on the line if any pest comes anywhere need your food or food preparation and handling. With Jacka Bros Pest Control on your side, you’ll always know what the exact problem is, all the steps in dealing with it and the progress throughout the process.

Why we’re a trusted partner

We’re experienced professionals in the pest control for restaurants and food outlets. We have years of experience in looking after the often delicate area of food handling areas for our commercial clients. We’re proud to be fully certified HACCP Pest Controllers who are able to help ensure your pest control problems are dealt with swiftly and effectively. Most pest problems are serious enough, but there’s a special urgency when it comes to pest control for restaurants and other food related businesses. There are strict requirements for any business dealing with food outlined in the Food Safety Standards. This includes the need to ensure food storage and display areas are free from any pests.  The entire premises and any business vehicles must be kept free of pests and animals and pests. Apart from live seafood, no animals at all are allowed in any food handling area.

This means the chances of pests such as flies, ticks and fleas and other such pests have a limited chance of entering the premises.

The Danger to your Food Business

No food related business can take a chance when it comes to pest control.

There are the occasions where pests including ants, cockroaches, flies and even rodents such as mice can invade a restaurant, café or eatery. They bring a host of problems with them and must be properly dealt immediately. Jacka Bros Pest Control have the know-how to eradicate the pest and ensure there is no return of the problem. We’re your pest control partners who work with you to minimise any disruption to your business throughout any inspection and treatment of your premises. We know that downtime is lost time for you and your customers. You can be sure we will take you through a detailed pest control plan that works for you and gets rid of the problem ASAP.

Protecting your business and your livelihood

There are a number of outfits who claim to be experienced restaurant pest control companies. You need to know that your food or hospitality business is being looked after by true professionals with the experience and expertise to do the job right. With Jacka Bros Pest Control working with you, there’s no chance you are going to be left with an unfinished pest control treatment or one that simply doesn’t work. Pests can have a dramatic impact on the way you operate and can ruin your reputation as a reputable restaurant, café, bar or food outlet. You may not get a second chance if you have a pest control problem. Call us first and you’ll get a first class team behind you all the way. Remember all food areas must be ‘free from pests, vermin and contamination’. That’s not something to leave to the amateurs.

If you don’t act promptly and properly you could face:

  • heavy fines and penalties
  • have your food business closed down
  • you could even face legal action if any patron or customer gets sick as a result of your pest control problem
Don’t waste a minute thinking about how bad things could be. Get Jacka Bros Pest Control out there straight away.

The pest control professionals

We’re not just one of the many restaurant pest control companies out there, we’re specialists with the special touch.

Jacka Bros Pest Control are the only team you need when it comes to pest control for restaurants and food related businesses. If it’s mice, ants, cockroaches or even restaurant fly control that you need help with, you know who to talk to. We can make a full inspection and give you an itemised report on any problem or help you eliminate the chance of a pest control issue arising.

We know what we’re doing and you’ll know you’re in the best of hands.  

Give us a call now and stop that pest problem before it even starts.

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