Do you have termites? – You can without even knowing Jacka Bros Pest Control can send them packing

Termites can be found all over mainland Australia. They are one of the most destructive pests and can do thousands of dollars damage to your home. There are over 350 different species of termites in Australia, but it is the dangerous few that wreak havoc. Proper termite control is necessary before severe damage is done to any building. Any termite colonies need to be identified correctly and given the appropriate termite treatment.

Why are termites such a terrible pest?

Any pest that can destroy the structure of a building needs to be dealt with immediately. Termite activity is often only identified once it has become a major concern. Locating and determining exactly which type of termite or white ant has invaded your home or workplace is best left to the experts. Too many homes and buildings are affected by termites and will need termite control. A 2014 CSIRO study found that 1 in 3 homes are at risk of termite damage. Any termite treatment starts with a thorough property inspection by a professional team. At Jacka Bros Pest Control, we have the knowledge and skills to get on top of your termite control problem. See the Health Vic website for more info on termite pest control, or click HERE for Q and A’s. There’s not a minute to waste when it comes to getting proper termite treatment underway. For example, one of the most damaging termites (the native C. acinaciformis termite) can build nests in moist places such as wall cavities. This can be happening right now without you even knowing. You need expert termite control including measures such as a special termite barrier. Talk to Jacka Bros Pest Control today to be safe.

This is when you’re probably asking:
  • Is termite control expensive?
  • What termite treatments are there and will they work?
  • How will I even know I have a termite control problem?
  • Is a termite barrier a safe way to protect my home?
We can give you the right answers and take you through any termite treatment so you always know what is happening.

Terminating those termites

A termite barrier is the best form of defence against termites. It’s important to know that without a termite control perimeter treatment, your home or building can be attacked. It doesn’t matter what type of building frame. Termites are there to find any food source inside.

Get Jacka Bros Pest Control out to your place for a full inspection ASAP. That way you’ll know:
  1. If you have a termite control problem
  2. What measures can be taken to get rid of the termites
  3. Extra safeguards to keep them at bay

We’ll take you through all the ways to manage termite control and which termite treatment will work best for the specific type of termite or white ant in your area. Unlike some operators, we are the true professionals in pest control and termite management. We identify the type of termite before beginning any termite treatment. As with all of our pest control treatments, you can be sure we only use government approved methods and products. Your safety is always our top priority. When it comes to building a home, we have the expertise that builders rely on. The National Building Code requires all new homes to be equipped with a termite management system or be built with termite resistant materials. We are a Green Zone accredited termite protection team who only use the highest quality termite control products.

Why your help in controlling termites is important

Pest control doesn’t work properly without your involvement. There are a number of things you can do to help reduce the risk of termite attack. Ensure that no soil is in contact with building timbers and any subfloors remain dry and well ventilated. Avoid storing wood directly on soil or under, near and in contact with your building. Fix any leaking plumbing and improve all drainage. Moist areas mean trouble. That’s where Jacka Bros Pest Control are your go-to team. We only offer the best in effective pest control. No fancy jargon. No lame excuses. Just a quality service you can rely on.

There is no single method of termite treatment that is effective against all species, so a combination of a yearly inspection and a termite barrier is required for proper prevention.

Getting the top termite control is easy. We’re ready to help.

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