Fleas & Ticks

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks can freak anyone out – Keep them from getting in Jacka Bros Pest Control are here to help

Just the idea of fleas and ticks makes you start itching. There’s no point scratching your head wondering what to do if you have a tick or flea pest control problem. These little buggers can cause all sorts of trouble and distress to you and your family. Getting help from tick and flea control experts can mean getting your life back to normal. Life is about enjoying the simple things. It’s simply not right to be worried about pests in your place. Having experts complete a proper tick and flea treatment for house and garden gives you true peace of mind.

Are Fleas and Ticks really that bad a pest?

Both fleas and ticks can be a nightmare for your pet. It only takes one flea to feed on your pet and a whole allergic reaction can start. Fleas can cause a severe skin reaction and lead to serious infection.  It’s often forgotten that without proper flea control, those pesky fleas can infect your pet with tapeworm larvae which can become tapeworm infestation. Fleas are bacteria carrying pests that bring problems to humans too. The so called ‘cat scratch fever’ is a condition that makes people extremely sick. They can also spread deadly disease to rabbits. With the right flea pest control treatments, the risks can be reduced. Fleas are not just a problem in summer, but all year round. Prevention is the key. That’s where Jacka Bros Pest Control come to the rescue.

Here is where you could be asking:
  • Is a tick and flea treatment for home going to work?
  • Will a flea and tick lawn treatment be effective and affordable?
  • Can tick and flea pest control be dangerous?
With the right tick and flea control management, you can return to a peaceful life without the worry of these annoying pests.

How Jacka Bros take proper care of any pest problem

The first step is to tackling any problems with pests is to have the professional team at Jacka Bros Pest Control visit and assess what is going on. Every home has their unique issues, that’s why we come to you and make a complete home flea inspection of your place.

The keys to successful flea control are:
  1. Checking exactly how severe any tick or flea pest control problem is
  2. What are the root causes that are leading to the problem?
  3. What are the best steps to take to eradicate these nasty pests?

Feel free to ask us any questions you have. You’ll always get down to earth answers expert advice from us. Jacka Bros Pest Control are true professionals you can rely on to do the job right. If the problem is mostly with your pets, then an urgent visit to the Vet is necessary. While you follow any veterinary advice, we can protect your home with a flea treatment for home or a flea and tick lawn treatment. Most cases of flea and tick problems start outside your house. Our expert team can target flea and tick hotspots outside your home and give your family and pets lasting protection. We don’t use highly toxic chemicals and poisonous pesticides. By using properly tested and government approved high-grade products, you’ll always know you and your pets are safe.

Your help in ticking off the To Do list

There is no pest control program that works well without your help. Checking your pets for any signs of ticks and fleas needs to be done regularly. Don’t wait for signs of itching and scratching first. Ticks like to hide in the grass and leaf litter. That is why a flea and tick lawn treatment is a solid way of dealing with these pests. Fleas in their youngest state are often found in shaded spots with moist but not wet soil such as under trees and houses. Stopping access to sub-floor areas is important. To be really sure you have your tick and flea control looked after, get Jacka Bros Pest Control to look after you.

For everything from a tick and flea treatment for home to an end of lease flea treatment for a rental property, you’re in the best of hands.

Give us a call and we’ll do the rest to get rid of your pests.

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