Wasps & Bees

Wasps & Bees

Wasps & Bees

Wasps and Bees can be dangerous – don’t spend your time in fear Jacka Bros Pest Control are on their way!

Your home and garden is your little piece of paradise. Any pest can spoil it for you, but there is nothing scarier than wasps and bees swarming your place. You’re not sure how you missed it, but those few winged wonders you’ve seen before are now in their hundreds. It can easily mean you’ve got a swarm of wasps living at your place. That’s when it’s time for professional wasp control and wasp nest removal.

Are wasps and bees really pests?

There is a difference in the danger of wasps and bees. There’s also a different way to handle things, whether it’s wasp nest removal or a beehive removal. Wasps can quickly become aggressive. Their sting is often very painful and can even cause an allergic reaction. Only female wasps will sting but they can do so repeatedly. Bees on the other hand are considered an endangered species. Beehive removal is undertaken as a last resort when the bees pose a significant threat to people living nearby. There is no point trying to work out what to do with wasps or bees yourself. Call the experts at Jacka Bros Pest Control who can take you through all the steps in bee and wasp control.

You don’t need to be left wondering:
  • Do I have a bee or wasp control problem?
  • What can be done to get rid of them?
  • Is wasp removal or bee removal dangerous?
  • Will they simply come back again?
With a thorough inspection of your property for wasps, bees and any other pests, you can be sure you’ll get the best in professional advice and what can be done about the problem.

Jacka Bros Pest Control helps you enjoy life again

It might seem like an exaggeration, but there’s nothing worse than not being able to enjoy your own home and garden when you want to. Any pest can cause you unnecessary grief, but that grief can easily turn to stress when it comes to needing wasp control. Successful bee and wasp control measures include:

  1. Locating the wasp nest or beehive
  2. Determining the level of threat and how serious the pest problem is
  3. Safely and effectively dealing with that problem

Wasps can often have you feeling like you’re captive in your own place because you’re too scared to go outside. The trouble is, they can be making a home in your home by nesting in the wall cavity, under the eaves or in the roof or your shed or garage. Wasp removal is a must because a nest the size of a walnut can quickly become the size of a football and those few wasps are now in their thousands. With Jacka Bros Pest Control in control of things, you can be sure that any wasp nest removal or bee removal or control is done properly and in an eco-friendly way. Forget the idea of highly toxic chemicals being sprayed all around your place. We only use the lowest pesticides with the strongest ongoing repellent quality and only if absolutely necessary. You won’t ever get stung for pest control treatments that you don’t need with Jacka Bros.

Your trusted team of professionals

Each pest control program needs your involvement. To avoid the problem of wasps and bees in the warmer months, make sure you check your property for any signs of a wasp nest. Make sure that bins have tight fitting lids and keep them away from doors and windows as wasps can be attracted to the contents of your bins. Remember to stay safe and keep your family and pets away if you spot a nest or hive. Any wasp nest removal and beehive removal should be handled by fully trained professionals. That’s why Jacka Bros Pest Control are the team to call.

We know what we’re doing and you’ll always know you’re in the best of hands. Whenever you need the best in bee or wasp control, we’re ready for you.

Give us a buzz and get back to enjoying your place.

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