Got an Ant Invasion? – Those little pests can be a big worry Jacka Bros Pest Control can fix it

You spot a few black dots in your place. Suddenly it’s a long, black line and it’s moving. An army of them are moving in. Oh no! You’ve got… - Ants. There’s not much worse than realising you have a full on invasion in your home. You need proper ant pest control before it all gets out of hand. Ants can bug the hell out of you and the trouble never seems to end. The right ant control treatment can save the day.

Why are Ants such a painful pest?

Ants belong outside in the garden not inside your home. They can spoil food, infest your drawers and cupboards, going everywhere and anywhere.

An ant invasion is usually because the little buggers have discovered sugars and uncovered food. When they do, they head back to their nest to tell each other. Next thing you know, you have swarms of ants marching through your house taking food for their colony. It can be a shock to open your pantry or reach for something in your kitchen or laundry and find it overrun with ants. It’s a little frightening and nerve-wracking to see hundreds of them crawling all over your food supplies. Your place can be teeming with the tiny pests in next to no time. There’s no time to waste. If you can’t deal with the ant control yourself, then call the experts in professional ant removal. You can stop pulling your hair out. Jacka Bros Pest Control can make your ant control problem disappear.

You might be wondering:
  • Is ant pest control necessary?
  • Do I need an Ant control company or Ant exterminator?
  • Is there a difference between regular ant and white ant treatment?
  • Will the ant control treatment be dangerous?
For the best in straight answers and expert advice, get Jacka Bros Pest Control to look after you.

Your best chance to deal with Ants

The frustrating thing with ants is that you can think you have one entry point blocked or fixed and they simply find another way in. Knowing exactly where the ants are nesting and how they are getting into the home is why an inspection is the best option.

Jacka Bros Pest Control come to you. That way you have:
  1. A clear understanding of the ant control problem
  2. What is involved in proper ant pest control
  3. The things you can do to help keep the ants at bay

We take you through everything step by step. A special perimeter and ‘crack and crevice’ spray stops the ants in their tracks. Our professional pest spray creates a barrier that surrounds your entire house. We also pay special attention to kids play equipment, pergolas, clotheslines, fence lines, garages and sheds. We always avoid garden beds, pet bowls and other items. By only using treatments that are government approved, you can be sure that Jacka Bros Pest Control is looking after you, your family and pets. Ant control needs to be done correctly and thoroughly. Too often the ant issue is not properly dealt with and the ant problem is back to where it started. With the experts at Jacka Bros on your side, you have the best way to control ants and other insects outside before they find their way inside.

Helping you get your ant pest control happening

Any pest control problem needs your involvement to work best.

No pest control treatment lasts forever. You can do things to limit the chance of an ant invasion occurring at your place. Wash any ants and the area down with soapy water will get rid of the trail the ants use to follow each other. A spray of vinegar on bench-tops, in cracks and around the base can eliminate the chemical trail of the ants. That’s why Jacka Bros Pest Control are the team you can trust. We offer the best in professional advice so you can keep on top of any pest problem. Forget about being charged for treatments you don’t need.

We’re remembered for delivering quality pest control services that you can understand and will know will work for you. Whenever you need the best in ant pest control, we’re the team to call.

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