Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Don’t let the Bed Bugs bite – get rid of them quick Jacka Bros Pest Control will do it

You are sitting around or even lying in bed. Without even knowing it, you have been bitten by one of the most disgusting pests – Bed bugs. Proper bed bug pest control means using expert bed bug treatment. There’s no point mucking around with any pest but bed bug removal needs to be done properly and promptly. That’s where Jacka Bros Pest Control have you covered in more ways than one.

Why are Bed Bugs such a pest?

The awful thing about having a bed bug pest control problem is that these creatures feed on human blood. They’re like tiny vampires who suck blood but also inject an anesthetic so the sleeping person can be completely unaware of the bite. Though they can’t fly, bed bugs are fast movers but can stay very still under material covers for long periods. This all makes detecting them and amateur bed bug removal very difficult. Bed bugs can live for up to six months in Australian conditions. That’s too long to have a pest doing their best to make life the worst for you and your family. Getting a professional bed bug exterminator on the job is the right idea. Having the experts at Jacka Bros Pest Control look after your bed bug treatment means you’ll be sleeping safe and soundly again in no time.

Now you could be asking yourself:
  • Is bed bug pest control safe?
  • Will bed bug treatment mean using dangerous or toxic chemicals?
  • Can I do proper bed bug removal myself?
  • What is the best way to deal with the problem?
Bed bugs are a nasty pest and you want to know that you’ve really gotten rid of them. That’s why it makes sense to get Jacka Bros Pest Control on the job.

Call Jacka Bros and say hello to no more bed bugs

Bed bug pest control can be very complicated and time consuming unless you have the professional team at Jacka Bros Pest Control looking after you. Any bed bug treatment needs to take into consideration a number of factors.

The keys to eradicating the problem are:
  1. Determining how severe the infestation is
  2. Knowing how many bed bug treatments will be needed
  3. Eliminating their hiding spots

We are more than happy to take you through the full bed bug pest control process and answer any questions you might have. We make sure you always know what’s happening. The first step is to get a full inspection of the space – whether it’s your home or your office, hotel, motel, school or wherever those little pests can be found. It’s important to remember that a bed bug treatment is best done by professionals.

See the trusted pest control professionals

Any pest control effort will be more successful with your involvement. Finding out where those nasty buggers are hiding is just the beginning. You can help deal with the problem by vacuuming your home and bedding thoroughly every few days. That includes vacuuming your mattress and soft furniture. By tying up and disposing of the bag or canister straight after you vacuum, you can stop the bed bugs escaping and starting the cycle all over again. For the very best in bed bug removal, Jacka Bros Pest Control are the team you can rely on. We only ever perform pest treatments such as a bed bug treatment when it’s needed.

You’ll always know what you’re paying for and that you’re in the best of hands. Don’t just call any old bed bug exterminator, get the top team on your case.

Get us on the job and you’ll be back to getting a good night’s sleep again.

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