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From a full property pest inspection to an end of lease flea treatment, Jacka Bros Pest Control have you covered. We take pest control to a whole new level by offering the best in professional pest protection.

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Real Estate, Property & Strata Industry

Real Estate, Property & Strata Industry

When it comes to any property, you want to make sure that you’re always covered with the best in pest control.

Whether it’s a quality pest inspection at the start of a tenancy or the expertise required for an end of lease flea treatment, Jacka Bros Pest Control has you covered. Any property needs to be properly and professionally protected. As the landlord, property owner or the real estate company looking after it, you have strict obligations when it comes to pest control. You don’t want to be liable for heavy costs or a visit to the rental tribunal for breaching the code. There can be any number of pests that can invade a home. Taking the right steps early can save a lot of headaches down the track. That’s where a professional team with the expertise to determine what the pest control problem is, how far advanced it has become and how best to deal with it can mean all the difference.

With Jacka Bros Pest Control on your side, you’ll always know what is needed, what steps are being taken and the progress throughout the process.

Why we’re a trusted partner

We’re more than just experienced professionals in the pest control business.

Whether it’s dealing with the seriousness of termites in a rental property, the removal of wasps and bees or a thorough end of lease flea treatment, Jacka Bros Pest Control are the team to see. Knowing if there is trouble with pests before it becomes a serious concern is the key. That’s why having true expertise that you can rely on can pay huge dividends right from the beginning. Ensuring that the property is properly maintained includes the specialised area of pest control. Damage caused by any number of pests can mean heavy repair costs.

Talk to our team of experts at Jacka Bros Pest Control about how we can help save you time, money and hassles.

Protecting Your Building

If you are the landlord or real estate agent, you have enough on your plate without having to worry about how to deal with the complexities of pest control.

As the property owner, the onus is on you to deal with any ongoing pest control problems. You need to protect the property and the tenants from pests. One of the strongest and most effective safeguards is to have the property inspected and any pests dealt with before renting out the property. This gives you peace of mind and means you are less likely to be held responsible for any pest infestation that occurs later on.

Common pest problems landlords are responsible for include: 
  • The presence of ants, wasps and bees, fleas and ticks, cockroaches, bed bugs or rodents in large numbers before a tenant moves in
  • The nesting of birds or possums in the building or where they are causing damage to the outside of the property
  • Termites are always the responsibility of a landlord. It doesn’t matter when any infestation or outbreak occurs.

It makes sense to use the expertise of Jacka Bros Pest Control to help look after you and your property.

The hassle-free professionals

For a comprehensive range of pest control services such as dealing with termites in a rental property through to a professional end of lease flea treatment, there’s only one team you need.

Jacka Bros Pest Control team are the name you can rely on for doing a top job and being the experts who are easy to deal with. We know what we’re doing and you’ll always know you’re in the best of hands.

Give us a buzz and stop that pest problem before it starts.

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