Rats, mice and other rodents are dangerous – How do you get rid of them? Jacka Bros Pest Control know how

Rats and mice are often considered the worst of all pests? They sneak in and around your place and can soon be eating you out of house and home. Worse still, they can bring in disease and have even been responsible for serious damage and have even started fires by gnawing through electrical wiring. Don’t take any chances with rodents. Get the experts in rodent pest control on the job. Rats, mice and other rodents are hard to find. Often you will only discover their presence by the damage they have done throughout your home.

Why are rodents such a potent pest?

Any rodent – whether it’s rats or mice – can be a hazard to your home and your health. Rodents do more than eat and destroy their food source during feeding. They can easily cause major damage to domestic homes, commercial businesses, schools. They can be devastating to any restaurant or café. Not only do rodents eat through a wide variety of materials, they can also ruin food supplies by excreting on them. Mice or rat removal is not something to put off. You need prompt and professional rodent pest control to make sure the pests are taken care of. Mice often make a home inside a building and can chew holes of up to 20mm in diameter. Rats make larger holes – around 80mm in diameter – which can be the entrance to a nest. Rat removal is often difficult because the rat nest is in hidden areas. Their nests can be made of anything from cardboard, straw, paper and rags. You can stop screaming, worrying or getting stressed out. Get Jacka Bros Pest Control out to your place and get the problem fixed.

This is where you might be asking:
  • How do I know I have a mouse or rat pest control problem?
  • Do I need a special rat exterminator or mouse exterminator?
  • How long will the rodent pest control treatments take?
  • Is rodent pest control dangerous?
It’s best to get expert advice from true professionals. That’s where Jacka Bros Pest Control stand out from the rest.

Say goodbye to rats and mice

The annoying thing about rats and mice is not just the damage they do or the disease they might carry, it’s that they are persistent and can quickly breed. Getting rid of rodents at your home or business needs a thorough approach. The last thing you need is to think the problem is fixed but you still have rodents hanging around.

Jacka Bros Pest Control come to you for a full inspection. This means you have:
  1. Experts who can identify where and what the rodent problem is
  2. The best steps in rodent pest control
  3. A clear understanding of what is involved and how much it will cost

You’ll always know what procedures are taking place and when and where. There are no hidden agendas or surprise charges that dodgy operators can spring on you. We’re proud to be open and honest about exactly what you need and what we can do. We are properly trained in the use of government approved pest control products and treatments. We pay special attention to the safety of you and your family at all times. Rodent pest control needs to done with precision. If the job is not performed properly, you could easily be infested with these troublesome pests. Get the experts at Jacka Bros on your side and you can say goodbye to the worry of rats and mice in next to no time.

Helping in your mice and rat pest control

For any pest control to work effectively, it needs your input. Limiting the chances of rats and mice making a home in yours starts with closing up any obvious entry points. Protect the areas around pipework, air conditioner, hot water service and under doors. Another avenue into your home is via the roof. Trim back any overhanging branches and make sure you don’t have anything that rodents can climb up such as piles of wood or stacked up bricks. Any hole that you can fit a pencil through is big enough for mice to use.

Look out for signs of damage caused by gnawing or feeding, any holes, smears, markings and droppings. Getting the best in professional advice is easy thanks to the team at Jacka Bros Pest Control.

Whenever you need the experts in rodent pest control, we’re ready for you.

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