There’s one pest that can be really annoying – Pesky possums Jacka Bros Pest Control know all about possum removal

Possums are one of those pests that just don’t shut up. They sneak in and out of your place and treat it like a hotel. They can make a hell of a lot of racket, do serious damage to your garden and any fruit and veg you’re growing plus they can leave a hell of a stink. Don’t take too long to tackle a possum control problem. Get the experts in possum pest control on the case. The damage that possums can do to a home and its structure can add up to big bucks. It’s important to get the experts on the job. That’s where Jacka Bros Pest Control can help.

Why are possums such a persistent pest?

The thing about possums are not really the cute and cuddly creature some people think.

They can actually carry fleas and ticks into your home which can infect your own pets. Possum poo and urine can have dangerous bacteria in it too. They can destroy furniture, make holes in roof cavities, ceiling voids and have even been known to accidentally start fires. Often it is a nest that is in a chimney or flue that then catches alight. The point is that possums can easily become an expensive unwanted guest. You could be paying for costly repairs and damages if you don’t get proper possum pest control.

As a nocturnal creature, possums are out and about when you are usually asleep. They can be doing all sorts of mischief to your place without you realising until it’s too late. Another concern is that they can cause all sorts of problems for your pets. There can be dangerous fights, stress causing confrontations as well as passing on pests of their own. Possum removal is not something to ignore. You need a prompt and professional possum catcher trained in proper possum capture.

Here is where you could be asking:
  • Do I really have a possum control problem?
  • Are possums a protected native species?
  • Is possum removal even possible?
  • Can I try my own possum control and possum capture efforts?
The first step is to get expert advice from trusted experts. That’s where Jacka Bros Pest Control is the name to remember.

Goodbye to those sleepless nights of worry

One of the most annoying things about possums is they can be loud and disturb your whole household. They are often aggressive and can be devastating to your house, garden and possum removal is a specialised field. You need to know if you have one or a number of possums. Finding their access points to your home and if they have done any damage already is a key to possum control.

Jacka Bros Pest Control come to you for a full inspection, no matter what the pest. This way you will know:
  1. Where and what the possum control problem is
  2. The best steps in possum pest control
  3. All the steps in proper and professional possum removal procedures

Possums are a protected species by the Australian government. Any possum control measures have strict guidelines. Any possum removal from your property means releasing them no more than 50 metres away(or releasing them on your property itself).

You need to take the chance to block any entry points to your roof, walls or ceiling. The question is, what can you do if the possum family has already moved in?

Having the experts at Jacka Bros on your side means you will be doing all the right things and not causing harm to the possum or breaking any environmental laws in the process.

Your help in possum control

Any pest control needs your input to work effectively.

Limiting the chances of possums getting into your home and making it theirs starts with a few simple measures. Protect any access points to your roof, especially closing up any gaps in tiling, spouting, pipe work and cabling. The most popular possum route into your home is via the roof. Trim back any long reaching or overhanging branches and make sure you don’t have anything that invites a possum to climb up to your roof. You can try a few different things yourself but it makes sense to call on a professional possum catcher on the job.

Get the best in professional advice from Jacka Bros Pest Control. When you need the experts in possum pest control, we’re ready to help.

Whatever your pest problem, give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

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