Termite pest control is more important than you think

Termite pest control is more important than you think

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November 23, 2021

Why you can’t do without professional termite pest control

When it comes to termites, you need to act fast. In fact, you need to engage in termite pest control  before you even have a problem.


The devastation that termites can cause is serious and can cost you thousands of dollars in damage. In the worst case scenario, termites may even cause structural damage to a building that makes it unsafe to enter and even unliveable.

That is definitely not something that you want or can afford to have happen to your home or work site.

That’s why it pays to have true professionals take care of your pest control and prevent that horror story being one playing out at your place.

The damage that termites do

The thing about termites is that they can often go undetected and the longer that plays out, the worse the situation becomes.

Getting your termite pest control happening as soon as possible is the key to its success. Better yet, preventing termites from entering your place is the ideal.

Some people think that termites are not such a big deal, but the damage they can do could be a massive problem, such as;

  • Ruined flooring (including carpets)
  • Destruction to walls and doorways
  • Ruining furniture and fittings
  • Causing ceilings and floors to collapse
  • Other structural damage (including the destruction to foundations)

You can easily see just how expensive it is to have a pest control problem like termites wreaking havoc at your place.

It doesn’t take too long before an active swarm of termites with the right conditions can do substantial damage to a building. That can all happen within just a few months.

Warning signs of a termite problem

There are signs that you may already have a termite problem.

Here are a few things to look out for:

  1. Damage to your floor or ceiling
  2. Cracked wall paint or plaster (especially if it looks like water damage)
  3. Hollow sounding or papery wood
  4. Light crunching sound in the walls (these are the termites in action)
  5. Mud tubes that run along flat surfaces like walls and posts
  6. Discarded wings are another tell-tale sign you could have a termite problem

The first thing to do is not to try and solve the problem yourself.

When it comes to dealing with termites, call in the professionals as soon as possible.

There is no time to waste or you could be leaving the termites to do more damage while you think of the different ways to tackle your pest control problem.

Most DIY solutions have the danger that they just won’t work. Baiting can often be ineffective and your other efforts could even be counter-productive by causing the termites to move to a different part of the house.

This is when you can fall into a false sense of security, only to find the termite problem is back with a vengeance before you realise.

There’s one professional pest control team worth calling if you think you already have a termite problem or you want to protect yourself and your building from the damage they can cause.

The Jacka Bros Pest Control difference

For a full professional check of your suspected termite issues, talk to Jacka Bros Pest Control.

They have the knowledge and expertise to deal with termites and either prevent or take control of the problem. The best way to go is a utilising a combination of a yearly inspection and a termite barrier.

Jacka Bros Pest Control will take you through all the steps in the best termite pest control. You get a straight talking and friendly team looking after you. No fancy jargon, pushy sales stuff, tricky clauses or hidden costs.

Whether it’s termites, rodents, spiders and ants, cockroaches, mozzies, bed bugs, fleas and ticks, Jacka Bros will take care of things with a dedication to working safely, humanely and environmentally friendly and following through until the pest problem is solved.

Don’t wait any longer. Talk to Jacka Bros Pest Control today and be on your way to a pest-free tomorrow.

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