Do cockroaches come out in summer?

Do cockroaches come out in summer?


May 26, 2021

Why do cockroaches come out more in the Summer? It seems like cockroaches are more noticeable in the warmer months. There’s more to it than you might think.

For a start, there are more than a few different types of cockroaches and their behaviour can be very different. Are there a lot of them around and are they really a pest? It is probably better to stop asking questions like ‘Do cockroaches come out more in the Summer?' Or 'Do cockroaches die in cold weather?' When you probably should be asking ‘Why are there cockroaches here at all?’ Time to look at the humble cockroach and get a few answers for a better understanding of these little buggers and if they are as bad as you think.

A few key things about cockroaches

Cockroaches are a bit of a kinky pest, in that they like it warm and steamy. That’s where the warmer months –especially with periods of rain and humidity – make it cockroach heaven. What type of cockroach are we talking about? That’s the first good question to be asking because there are many different types of cockroach that you could be dealing with in Australia.

The most common breeds of cockroaches you will encounter are.

  • The German cockroach – this is a golden-orange one in colour. It has two dark stripes down its back and grows to about 12-15 millimetres long. They are the biggest breeder of your pest variety who can produce three to four generations of up to 40 baby cockies per year. Liken Audi car they get going fast. It only takes 40 odd days to grow from a hatchling to a full adult. That means you have a lot more of them around in a short space of time.
  • The American cockroach - the largest of the common cockroach. These ones can grow to a size of 35-40millimetres in length. Reddish-browning colour with a pale-yellow border around the top part of the body and come with pale legs. These ones can fly short distances in warm conditions. They take 6 to 12 months to develop and can live up to a full year.
  • The Aussie cocky is a dark-brown one that grows to about 35mmsd long with yellow markings. The good thing is that they usually live outside in the garden around trees and shrubs or in greenhouses. You can find them near piles of wood piles and under garden litter. They sometimes come inside and set up camp in the subfloor or spaces in the wall and roof. These roaches prefer plant-based food, only becoming a pest when they enter homes and start eating their way through books and clothing.
  • Smoky brown cockroaches grow to around 30mms long, with wings and a shiny dark brown-black colour. They rarely infest buildings. You’re more likely find them in sheds, walls, and roofs and in and around drains and grease traps. Because they love food that is plant based, they’re a real pest in greenhouses, nurseries, and gardens. In warmer months, they can fly a short distance and be attracted to lights when it’s dark. 
  • The Brown banded cockroach is an indoor pest. They feed on stuff like books and wallpaper paste but are known to eat clothing such as nylon stockings. They can be hiding in warm areas near the ceiling, behind picture frames and wall decorations, in piles of paper, and even under or inside upholstered furniture. You can even find them in electrical appliances like the toaster or stereo.

Because they can be active right throughout your house, it’s difficult to control them. These cockroaches may leave tiny, dark droppings and drop skins on cabinets and shelves. You can suffer ongoing infestations of them during warm, humid conditions. Unlike most other cockies, it’s not unusual to see them during the day. They can fly in warm conditions or if they get disturbed. To control the Brown banded cockroach often means extensive treatment is needed.

Is it cockroach weather?

Your average cockroach likes warm, damp areas. That answers the question ‘Do cockroaches come out more in the Summer?’ and it also means that home infestation increases during any long period of warm temperatures. Do cockroaches die in cold weather then? Not really. In the colder months, cockroaches head indoors for shelter. That makes them more noticeable. It’s possible that you see more of them in the cooler months. There is more breeding going on in the warm weather though and that means more cockroaches searching your home for food. It’s easy to miss the size a cockroach infestation because you won’t see them much at all during the daylight hours. That’s where calling in the services of a trusted pest control team makes all the difference.

Goodbye Cockroaches, hello Jacka Bros Post Control

Before you get too caught up with identifying which of the different cockroaches you’re dealing with, how to stop them and try to work out how many there are – stop yourself and go straight to the experts. That’s where Jacka Bro’s Pest Control can make a huge difference to these little buggers. They will make thorough inspection of your property and let you know what the problem is, how far it’s gone and what they will do about fixing your cockroach problem. You won’t get any fancy technical talk or pushy sales stuff either. With Jacka Bros Postcentral, you’ll know that you have the true professionals looking after you and your place. There’s a special peace of mind knowing that you have an experienced team who will always tell you the specific steps in the pest control and be happy to answer any questions you might have. Getting rid of those cockroaches is simpler and safer with the right team behind you.

Talk to Jacka Bro’s Pest Control today and have a pest-free tomorrow.

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