How often to spray for spiders?

How often to spray for spiders?

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April 10, 2021

Wondering how often should you spray for spiders or what else can you do about them?

There’s one key thing to remember when it comes to spiders – Australia has some of the deadliest in the World. If you’re feeling uneasy about the spiders in and around your home, talk to the experts in spider pest control. Not everyone knows the different types of spiders that can be found in your average home or which ones you need to look out for. There are some who are basically harmless and others that can be actually aggressive in certain situations. Then there’s the issue of the spider numbers and if you have an infestation. It’s better to be cautious and get professional help then try and tackle a spider problem alone.

There are different spiders on different levels

You could be dealing with a few spiders and nothing much more. Maybe you have a pair of resident Daddy Long Legs and they are catching a few flies or mozzies. It could be that you have a couple of different spiders around the home who don’t seem to bother anyone. Then you can have the situation where you are dealing with so many spiders that you’ve lost count and they seem to be here, there and everywhere.

There’s a few things to stop and ask yourself;

  1. Are you feeling okay with the amount of spiders around?
  2. Do you have dangerous spiders in your house?
  3. Are there too many to know which ones are which?
  4. Could you be dealing with an infestation of spiders?
  5. If you use a spray, how often should you spray for spiders?

The first and best option is to get a clear idea of the spider situation. If you’re not sure and it’s all becoming a bit too much to handle yourself, you need the help of trusted professionals. It doesn’t matter if your spider problem is a low level one or a full-on infestation, you need the skills of experts to deal with it properly. It’s important to protect your home and to feel safe within your own walls or be able to enjoy your garden.

Spiders and pest control spray

Using an insect spray to control your spider problem may seem like a good idea, but you will be more than likely wasting your time. Many people are left with the disappointment that a host of frightening eight-legged friends are back again within just a few weeks of spraying. There are a number of spiders that you could be dealing with and often it is pointless to spray anywhere but at the actual spider itself. Webbing spiders like the Redback can give a very nasty bite to humans but they very rarely leave their webs. You are unlikely to get bitten unless part of your body is put directly into the web. With only small jaws to work with, many Redback bites are actually ineffective. It’s wise to look out for spiders on BBQ’s, bin handles and letter boxes and garden equipment. Turning over your outdoor furniture will show you the underside where spiders like to hide during the day. There are also funnel web and white tail spiders to think about. The funnel web is rarely seen as they live underground but males can wander into a home during mating season. The white tail spider hunts other spiders at night and prefers dark, damp places. They can sometimes be found inside amongst curtains, folded clothing and hiding in shoes during the drier, warmer months. Do you need to spray to get rid of spiders? Not with ordinary household insect spray anyway.

Treating your home with spider protection

There’s no point trying to work out if, where or how often should you spray for spiders? You can protect your home from spiders with a special general treatment that’s applied externally. That’s where you should turn to trusted professionals to work out what spiders you are dealing with, what’s the best approach and the ongoing control of any spider problem. For expert advice and the best ways to deal with spiders, there’s only one name you need to know. That’s where Jacka Bros Pest Control is the team to call. They are the true pest control professionals for everything from spiders to cockroaches, termites, possums and rodents, bed bugs, ants and even wasps and bees.

Say goodbye to pests and give Jacka Bros Pest Control a buzz straight away. They know the best way to deal with any pest.

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