How to get rid of mice in ceilings

How to get rid of mice in ceilings

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April 3, 2021

There’s more to know about how to get rid of mice in ceilings and roofs than you think

First off, mice and rats in your house are bad news. Maybe you know how to get rid of mice in ceilings, walls and other parts of your home? It’s good to know that getting a professional pest control team to deal with mice and rats properly. Forget mice being cute and cuddly creatures that you can leave to wander about. They are actually a real danger to the health of you and everyone living at your place. They can carry serious diseases and spread all sorts of troublesome things right throughout your home. There’s a few steps you need to take before you even think of tackling your mice or rat problem.

Do you have a mouse problem?

It’s important to know if you have a problem with mice or rats at your place first. Too many people don’t realise they have mice in their home before it’s a serious issue. Sometimes though, it can be another pest that you are dealing with. A key thing to know is that any home can be a nesting place for mice. They’re looking for somewhere safe that’s warm, dry and has food around. They want somewhere out of the way and that’s why ceilings are a perfect place to set up home.

How can you know you have mice? There’s a couple of strong indicators such as;

  1. You actually see one, even if it’s just a glimpse. An important point to remember is that if you see one, it’s pretty safe to say you could have a whole nest of the pests somewhere.
  2. Droppings are a tell-tale sign too. If you find mice poo around (small chocolate coloured pellets), make sure you wear gloves and a mask before you handle the clean-up. Then disinfect the area straight after. Any food that might be contaminated should be thrown out immediately.
  3. Any chewed up packages of food, bits and bite marks in the walls or skirting boards are a dead giveaway too. They won’t be perfect arches like in an old cartoon. Mice can chew enough to make a small hole and squeeze their way in and out.
  4. Scratching in the night is another sign. Mice and rats are up and about when your place is quiet. Any scratching and scuffling in the walls or roof could be rodents running around.

Knowing how to get rid of mice in ceilings and walls is not the main problem. It’s knowing that it could take a while and even a fair bit of money that’s a concern or even a shock to some people.

Start By “Mouse-Proofing” Your Home

To make your home mouse-proof, start with a good hard look at your place. Take a close inspection of your home from outside first. Look for any hole, crack or gap you can find because a mouse can get through anything the size of the tip of your little finger. If you can stick a pencil through it, then a mouse could do it. Any gaps and cracks up on a wall or along the ceiling can be reached by mice. Then block any entry point with wire mesh for outside or use steel wool for inside. Mice can chew through almost anything apart from steel. Once you’ve got your whole home sorted out (but you can’t afford to miss any spots), then you’re ready to see the proof that your place is mouse-proof. The problem is only going to get worse if you don’t do something as soon as possible. A good rule is – When in doubt, get the professionals to come out. There’s a rock solid reason why professional pest control is your best bet.

The Pros and Cons of calling a Pro in pest control

Do you know everything you need in how to get rid of mice in ceilings, walls or other hiding places at your place? Have you got the time and patience to follow every step? You could try dealing with things yourself and be spending your time and money on traps, repellents and doing all sorts of other DIY stuff that does ‘stuff all’. Pest control professionals cost money of course. The cost depends on the size of your house, how bad the rodent problem is and what’s needed to get rid of the problem.

Ask your pest controller a few basics, like;

  • Have they dealt with mice and rats before?
  • How successful will they be?
  • Is there a set process and any follow-ups or guarantees?
  • What exactly will they do to get rid of the pest problem? (Be wary if they jump to the poisoning option straight away. This isn’t a sure fix and could be harmful to other animals or pets – plus you could have a rotting rat or mouse in your home for a while.)

Mice infestation is not one of those pest problems that goes away overnight. If you don’t hear that familiar scratching or scuffling or find fresh droppings after a week of close checking then it’s a good sign your mouse problem is on its way out. No matter what, make sure you always keep things tidy. Don’t leave any food or rubbish out, and all your food should be kept in airtight containers. Your professional pest controller should be able to take you through what’s involved and let you know how and when they will be following up their actions. That’s when a true expert will give you all you need to know from the get-go.

The trusted pest control professionals

Finding a pest control team that can look after your mouse or rat problem is easier than you think. That’s where the experts at Jacka Bros Pest Control are head and shoulders above anyone else. They’ll take you through every step in the pest control process and give you straight answers to any questions you might have. They also offer the best in pest control for termites and ants, bed bugs, spiders, even wasps and bees.

Give Jacka Bros Pest Control a buzz today and enjoy a pest-free tomorrow.

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