How to seal off rat entry points

How to seal off rat entry points

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July 24, 2021

There’s more than one thing to know in how to seal off rat entry points effectively.

Rats and mice are a disturbing and dangerous pest to have around. Dealing with a rodent problem has many angles to it and one of the most essential issues to face is how to seal off rat entry points.

The key issues to a rodent pest control problem are;

  • How are they getting in?
  • Is there more than one entry point?
  • What access do they use to get to those entry points?
  • What will it take to seal off each point of entry?

The answers to these questions may seem complex at first. If you take each one as a single item on your ‘dealing with rodents’ checklist, you could prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed.

How to be rodent-free quickly

First off the bat, there is no immediate way to have your place rodent-free from one day to the next. To have the most effective results, you need the most efficient and comprehensive approach. There is sometimes the belief that you can just stick some steel wool into the hole where you think the mice or rats are getting in and it’s all ‘Problem solved’. We all wish it was so easy. The thing about rodents is that they often have more than one entry point and they are a very persistent pest. This is where professional experience and expert advice can be invaluable.

A bit of DIY can help

There are a few things you can do yourself to protect your place and stop rats getting in. Take a good look around the outside of your house. This is when you need to be thorough in finding any cracks or gaps that a mouse or rat can fit through. Remember that these shifty little buggers have extremely flexible ribs. This means that they have no problem squeezing themselves through a tiny gap in the brickwork, the roof or under the eaves. Because they are first-rate climbers, you can’t just be looking around at ground level openings. Another important step is to look for access to your roof. This will mean cutting back any branches to around two metres from your house. It’s all part of learning how to seal off rat entry points. You want to do your best to cut off their supply of food too. Check that you haven’t got any fruit and vegies that have fallen to the ground, as this is a certain invitation to pests like rats and mice. Double check that you are always closing and covering your bins – especially your green waste bin where you get rid of any food scraps.

Things that won’t stop rats getting in

There are a few ideas out there that advise you how to stop rats from getting in. Some are fairly straight forward and common sense, but others will give you false hope and a few are just straight out silly – and that’s being polite! Rats and mice are known for chewing their way through almost any material. They actually need to sharpen their teeth by chewing things. Steel wool is one thing that they want nothing to do with but something like expanding foam is easy to gnaw through. You might think you have blocked a rat entry point, but find there’s a hole that’s been chewed through a day later. Some people put out things like slices of onion and even human hair because rats apparently hate them. That’s not going to do much apart from have you avoiding the stink of the onion and wonder why you have hair floating around the side of your house. You could take the special advice of putting out a few eagle feathers and the rats will think there is a huge flying predator nearby – hmmmm, right! The best thing to do is to get the professionals on the job and that’s ASAP!

Talk the experts in pest control and say goodbye to rats and mice

The best thing you can do when it comes to rats, mice and other pest problems is to get the experts at Jacka Bros Pest Control over. It might be the best thing for your sanity too. You’ll get the very best in professional advice on how they can deal with your pest problem. They know more than just how to seal off rat entry points. You will know the plan and methods being used to make sure your rodent problem is being fixed and fixed properly. Whether it’s mice and rodents, termites and ants, bed bugs and even bees, wasps and spiders – there’s only one name you need to know. Call Jacka Bros Pest Control today and take the first step to a pest-free future.

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