When to call about roaches

When to call about roaches

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January 20, 2021

Here are the signs to help you know when to call an exterminator for roaches

The first thing to know about cockroaches is they are not loners. That’s why proper cockroach control is a tricky business. If you see one, there’s probably a whole lot more living under your nose that you just haven’t seen. Cockroaches don’t like to show themselves. If you do happen to spot one it’s often because that roach has been forced into the open because there is an overcrowding problem. That means you have a cockroach infestation on your hands.

A few things to know about cockroach control

It’s easy to think of cockroaches as one of the most awful and disgusting of pests that you can have in your home. There’s a few things to remember about cockroaches and when to call an exterminator for roaches. The main points to keep in mind about these pesky pests are;

  • They are heavy breeders – a few roaches can quickly become hundreds
  • They can carry disease
  • Cockroaches are experts at finding a way into places
  • They’re often difficult to find which makes it hard to manage them
  • Not all cockroaches are dangerous

The first point is to jump on the problem straight away and make sure you tackle the issue ASAP. It is easy to find yourself in trouble if you delay taking the proper steps in cockroach control.

Aussie cockroaches vs other cockroaches

Most people think that any cockroach is a bad cockroach but that’s not the real story. Luckily, most cockroaches in Australia are native and they’re harmless. That’s good to know. Your Aussie roaches are happy to tunnel away in the soil while feeding on decomposing wood, pollen and leaves. They’re actually a pretty beneficial little bugger and as we mentioned earlier – they are harmless. Your non-native species of roaches are a different story. These pests eat almost any food and even chow down on paper, fabric, leather, starches and grease. To make matters worse, they start infesting your home and covering surfaces with their own excrement. There’s no stuffing around while these things are stuffing their faces with anything, they can get their jaws on. You can try and tackle your cockroach problem yourself, but is it the right way to go?

Knowing when to call an exterminator for roaches

Proper cockroach control can stop cockroaches from infesting your home dead in their tracks. There are some tell-tale signs to look out for if you think you have cockroaches in your place.

  1. Strange smell – this is where cockroaches in larger numbers give off a bad odour which is like a wet dog. It’s an oily, musty smell that comes from a mix of their pee and poo and it points to a cockroach pest problem.
  2. Cockroach droppings – if you find little patches of what look like coffee grounds on the floor, they are probably pellets of poo. Cockroaches leave these disgusting traces out in the open where there is a high traffic area of them going around the place.
  3. Egging each other on – cockroach egg casings can also be found around the place. These casings are brown in colour and shaped like a cylinder. Depending on which species of cockroach that’s made a home in yours, they can hold between 10 and 50 eggs in each one.

If you don’t get the pest control problem sorted quickly, you can easily have a full-on infestation happening and that’s not fun or funny. Calling a trusted team of professionals in pest control is your best bet.

Trying to do cockroach control on your own

You could try putting tackling the whole cockroach control problem yourself. That means knowing how to find them, proper prevention measures, using the right baits and sprays then following up each method. You have to be careful not to miss a step or waste time trying to work out what to do next. Cockroaches are not going to wait around to be discovered. You could easily spend valuable time trying to get started while the roaches are busy breeding and leaving their excrement calling cards. To be sure you get on top of these annoying and disgusting pests, it makes sense to call a professional exterminator right away.

A few things you can do to help

Even if you freak out with any insect or pest in your home, there are a couple of things you can do to help cut down on cockroaches choosing your place to show their face. Make sure dishes are washed and put away, clean up any food or drink spills and crumbs, get rid of grease from the stove and bench tops and mop your floors regularly. If you notice any sign of cockroaches being around – even the harmless Aussie native ones – it pays to call a professional team with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of how to perform the right cockroach control. That’s where Jacka Bros Pest Control is your best bet. They know pest control for everything from cockroaches to termites, ants, bed bugs and spiders, rodents and even wasps and bees. If you’re thinking of when to call an exterminator for roaches or other pests, give Jacka Bros Pest Control a buzz. They can help take care of any pest in the best way.

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