Why are rats & mice in my house?

Why are rats & mice in my house?

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January 21, 2021

Don’t waste time wondering why are there rats or mice in my house? Get expert help today

Rats and mice are some of the worst pests you can ever have. That’s why you shouldn’t wait around. Get the best in professional rodent pest control straight away. One of the first things you wonder about is ‘Where can rats and mice enter a house?’ That can be a tricky question to answer because it depends on a number of different things. There’s a more important question than ‘where can rats and mice enter a house?’ and that’s ‘If they do come in, how do I get rid of them?’ This is where it’s important to understand a bit more about rodents to prevent them making a home in your house.

A few facts to chew on

Mice, rats and any rodents need warmth, shelter, food and water to survive and reproduce. Your home is a good place to provide all four key ingredients for mice and rats. Just because mice might trespass or invade your home doesn’t mean you've done something wrong. Mice and rats are scavengers and they will try and find food and shelter wherever they can. They are always exploring new places to stick their nose into for what they need to live and breed.

How many mice are too many mice?

Most people wouldn’t think just one mouse is an infestation. The trouble is, that one mouse will almost always lead to an infestation. That’s why you need to make sure the proper pest control methods are put in place. If you ever find or see mouse droppings or signs that a mouse has been feeding anywhere, it’s a strong warning sign that there’s more than one mouse around.

Other signs of mice can be;

  • The smell of urine
  • Scratching noises
  • Stray bits of nibbled food
  • Teeth or gnaw marks (especially dangerous chewed wiring)
  • Trail markings

Mice are nocturnal animals, meaning they’re usually up and about at night. It doesn’t mean that they can’t be active during the day. If it’s quiet enough, then they may go hunting for food and scraps at almost any hour. If you do see or hear any mice in daylight hours then you probably have a full on infestation on your hands and it’s time to call the professionals pronto!

Where can rats and mice enter a house?

There is more than one way mice or rats can enter a house. A rat doesn’t need much room to squeeze through and a mouse needs even less to sneak its way inside. Mice can get through a tiny hole or gap as small as 6 -7 mm (That’s about the width or size of a pencil).The trouble is, mice and rats don’t always have to find such sneaky ways in. Here’s a list of just some of the places that rodents can use to pay an unwanted visit;

  • Doors – mice can get in under the door, through open doors and holes in flyscreen doors.
  • Windows - open windows, holes in flyscreens or windows without flyscreens
  • Door and window frames are a favourite because there are often gaps around the frame
  • Floors – any gaps or holes in flooring and skirting boards are almost like a welcome mat
  • Walls and ceilings – again, it’s any holes and gaps that are easy access
  • Gutters, eaves and fascia – it’s easy for mice and rats to get in where the gutter meets the roofing and in gaps they find in the eaves and fascia
  • From above – both mice and rats are good climbers, so any air vents, roof vents, skylights and even the old chimney can be an avenue to the inside of your house
  • Pipes – you often find gaps or holes around plumbing and gas lines and so will mice and rats.

If you’re worried about mice or other rodents sneaking inside, do a full inspection of your house both inside and outside for any easy entry points. Fill up any gaps or holes as soon as you can. If you’re still wondering ‘where can rats and mice enter a house?’ it’s almost anywhere.

The worst things about mice, rats and rodents

There’s a few things about mice and rats that mean they’re bad news. The main cause of concern is that they can carry disease. They also carry harmful bacteria in their fur and stomachs. Not a surprise when you think they are often crawling around and through rubbish, compost, sewers and even dead animal carcasses. Not enough to call a professional pest control team yet? They can also carry lice, fleas and mites. Now, not all mice carry disease, but do you want to spin the wheel of luck and take your chances with any of this filth getting into your home? The answer is No! So here’s the best thing you can do to jump on the problem before you’re jumping up on a chair.

Talk to the expert team on mice, rats and other pests

Forget asking yourself ‘How or where can rats and mice enter a house?’ Or worse, why are there mice in my house? There’s no time to waste. Get Jacka Bros Pest Control on the job ASAP. They know all there is to know about rodent control. They’re the experts who can help you get rid of those rats and mice in the best way. You’ll know you have the best of the best tackling your pests. For the top team in pest control for mice and rodents, termites and ants, bed bugs and even wasps, bees and spiders – there’s only one name to remember.

Give Jacka Bros Pest Control a buzz today and you’ll enjoy a pest-free tomorrow.

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