Why you need termite protection

Why you need termite protection

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January 21, 2021

When it comes to proper termite protection methods, you need the professionals

When it comes to the importance of termite protection, you don’t get second chances. Once termites make their way into a building or home, the damage can be devastating. Even though the process can take years, getting straight to the problem is vital. Of all the different measures to deal with termites, it is always best to prevent their ability to make any headway into the structure of your home or building. Prevention is better than the cure and that is why having the best termite protection methods working for you will always pay off.

What are the top termite protection methods?

Termites are one of the most destructive pests on the planet and they cause billions of dollars in damage worldwide every year. Having a colony of termites at your place could easily lead to thousands of dollars damage to your home. That’s why there has been an increase in the understanding of termite control and the importance of termite protection. There are now a number of termite protection methods that include protecting new builds and the entire structure as outlined by government regulation. The National Building Code addresses the importance of termite protection for buildings. The code requires ALL new homes to be equipped with a termite management system or be built with termite resistant materials.

Termite defence works

There are still far too many homes and buildings that are infested with termites and need immediate termite control. A CSIRO study in 2014 found that 1 in 3 homes were at risk of termite damage. What can you do to make sure your place is not one of the statistics? One of the best forms of defence against termites is a termite barrier. Without a termite control perimeter treatment, your home or building can a target for a termite attack. It’s important to remember that it doesn’t matter what type of building frame is used. Termites are a determined pest who are there to find any food source they can inside. This is where properly performed termite protection methods give you true peace of mind.

Termite control that is too little, too late

Unfortunately, any termite presence in a building is often only identified once it has already become a major problem.

The signs of termites in your home include;

  1. Floor or ceiling damage – any noticeable blistering, sagging or cracking can mean that termites are around. If you knock on any timber and it sounds hollow then it is likely termites have eaten away at it. Professional help is needed urgently in this case.
  2. Cracked wall plaster or paint – this is another occasion where you need pest control experts ASAP. Anything that looks like water damage and has a bubbling or honeycomb appearance should be checked immediately.
  3. ‘Sawdust’ patches – the droppings and faeces of termites look a lot like sawdust. If you take a closer look, it won’t be as fine as sawdust and more like tiny pellets. This is a clear sign of the presence of termites.
  4. A build-up of damp mud or soil or other earthy material can mean you have a termite problem. This can appear around power points and electrical fittings. Termites could be the cause of any sudden power cuts or short circuits. These areas are highly dangerous. It is critical that you never attempt to examine or fix these areas yourself. Call the professionals.
  5. Sagging floors and doors are another sign that termites may have invaded your home. They are often drawn to door frames and can cause the area to warp which means the door will no longer close properly.
  6. Mud trails leading up the sides of building are most often a clear sign that you have termites. These mud tubes are used to get into the structure.

Don’t disturb or poke into any of these tubes or attempt to treat your termite problem yourself. It’s a big mistake to use a household spray on any termite areas as you will only kill between 10 and 100 of a million strong colony. They will simply find another way in and all you’ve done is make the job of termite control and eradication harder. Identifying, locating and dealing with termites or white ants is best left to the experts.

Why the importance of termite protection means starting today

Termite protection methods are not something to be left for a later date. Protecting your home is easy with the right pest control professionals behind you. If you encounter any of the signs of termites in your home, organise an inspection immediately. Termites can do a hell of a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Any termite treatment starts with a thorough property inspection by a professional team. It’s recommended that every home should have a yearly termite inspection. Even if no termites or other pests are found throughout the inspection, it’s worth it for the peace of mind. That’s where Jacka Bros Pest Control offer the best in termite control and protection. They know all the ins and outs of pest control for termites, as well as ants, rodents, bed bugs and even wasps, bees and spiders. Get rid of pests in the best and most effective way. Give Jacka Bros Pest Control a buzz today and you’ll enjoy a pest-free tomorrow.

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